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all brake lights when out on car including 3rd high. Replaced brake switch and it restored all brake lights except 3rd hi. do not know how to pull trunk liner off to test for power to light does any one know how to pull the liner off with pictures would be very helpfull


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MBFanatic  1 year 1 month ago

There are several black plastic retaining pins that you need to remove in order to remove the trunk liner. These plastic retainers have a pience in the center that needs to be pulled first, then you pull the rest of the pin. They are in the perimeter of the trunk liner.

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Riverrat  1 year 1 month ago

thank you. I was able to find this:
From that I was able to find the plug that held on an access cover. Once I removed that I was able to access the High mount 3rd Brake light from there I unplugged it and tested the brake light side with multi meter and found resistance which indicates burnt out bulb(s) then tested other side of plug with test light and it had power so no broken wires. I found a you tube video on how to take out the trunk lid trim piece so Thank you for your response and hopefully I should have this fixed soon, I am waiting on new fasteners because I know I will break some of them on that trim piece when I remove it. Thanks again

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