I have a 2003 ml350 and it needs a new TCM and a conductor plate. Truck was parked for 9 months after . Now I checked the car changed the serpentine belt and driving in city because it is on limp mode. Now I seen the oil pressure sensor came on, I went and changed the oil. The light still comes one when driving at 44 to 60 for 10 mins. Help what should I do? Does this light work with the circuit for the TCM? I have a Po715 and a Po600 code. I checked and changed my fuses and I Po600 is off now


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MercedesMedic made a comment.
1 year 4 months ago

The oil pressure sensor is not connected to the transmission control module. It really has nothing to do with the fact that your car is in limp mode.

The oil pressure is a bigger concern. You should get a oil pressure gaguge and connect it to the port near the drive belt tensioer. It a small port. Measure oil pressure. If it is now, you have a bigger issue that the limp mode.

Next the transmission.
It could be the 13 pin connector. Where the wire harness connects to the transmission valve body. I would check that first. Its easy to replace and cheap. Replace if it has oil.

If that is not the problem the issue can be the valve body itself. The solenoids inside do fail. You should be able to get away with installing a used valve body on the 722.6 transmission in your car.


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