722.6 transmission problem

Question by briandreadfulwater posted 6 months 2 weeks ago in C-Class

My 2005 C230 Kompressor went into limp mode while i was driving but after a couple mins in limp mode it lost all power and wouldnt move at all but the motor worked just fine. I changed the transmission conductor plate as i was told was more than likely the problem. After i replaced the conductor plate everything was just fine, gears shifted like normal and limp mode was off. Then, after about a couple hrs i was driving on the interstate going about 65mph the car went limp again and wouldnt accelerate at all even after i would turn the car off for a few minutes. Anyone have any idea what is happening? I checked fluid level and its good. OBD SCAN had an incorrect gear ratio. That code disappeared then it was pointing to the TCM. After awhile i checkwd again then the TCM code disappeared. I dont know what is real or not because nothing is consistent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.