My 2005 C230 Kompressor went into limp mode while i was driving but after a couple mins in limp mode it lost all power and wouldnt move at all but the motor worked just fine. I changed the transmission conductor plate as i was told was more than likely the problem. After i replaced the conductor plate everything was just fine, gears shifted like normal and limp mode was off. Then, after about a couple hrs i was driving on the interstate going about 65mph the car went limp again and wouldnt accelerate at all even after i would turn the car off for a few minutes.  Anyone have any idea what is happening? I checked fluid level and its good. OBD SCAN had an incorrect gear ratio. That code disappeared then it was pointing to the TCM. After awhile i checkwd again then the TCM code disappeared. I dont know what is real or not because nothing is consistent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A couple of things. Did you use a generic scanner or one that can read transmission codes? Also did you notice any oil leaks at the 13 plug connector?

There was a little oil not much. I cleaned the connecter and everything good. I used a scanner that was bought from Walmart for $30. I believe it was an Autel.

I can hear a litttle whining when i first start the car but it goes away. I didnt get a chance to fully flush the transmission yet. Is there a way i can test conductor plate while its off of the body valve? What are the solenoids supposed to read when tested?

For internal solenoids, pull the plunger all the way out and then check the reading between negative and positive terminals for pulling coil resistance.

If you are hearing a whine that means there is not enough transportation fluid being pulled by the oil pump. This can be due to a bad transmission oil pump, low fluid, clogged transmission filter, filter not installed properly. 

How do i check transmission fluid properly if im unable to drive the vehicle? Some fluid drained out so now im not sure how much is in the transmission. So im not sure how to check since the vehicle cant be driven...i can start up the car and it will go into all gears just fine but after a few minutes i can feel it cycle through each gear but wont catch....what could be the cause of that any thoughts? 

You may purchase dipstick in local market to able to measure the transmission fluid. I know you may ask how??. Open the hood and check the transmission area you see the black plug with red button. You can open the plug by pulling the red pin and start to put the dipstick to measure the transmission fluid.

Kindly let us know if you followed above mentioned information to get your issue resolved?

It is a diagnostic code for transmission control system. A mechanic will begin by hooking up with a scan tool to this vehicle and checking for all. after that technician will clear the code and will drive the vehicle for a road test. Getting gas from the pump to your gas tank is the only way to keep a car going.

P0700 is set when PCM detects a malfunction in the transmission control system. We recommend to scan your vehicle to diagnose if P0700 code present only. 

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