My door lock on my 1996 C220 quit working I can't unlock or lock the door. The key fob quit working (I changed the batteries) and it still doesn't work and I can't lock or unlock it manually. Is there a link out there to show me how to change the lock out or trouble shoot it? Thank you. 



Fisi, November 18, 2020

You don't have access inside your car, right?? 

Try hitting the door with your hand , maybe the central will lock it. I have hade the same problem in my Passat B6,  for me it worked.  After I have opened the door, I have open the central and cleaned it and I have put oil  sot it will unlock easier. 

gary kamermans, November 19, 2020

Actually I do have access to the inside of my vehicle. The door is currently unlocked and will open. The door will not lock the lock knob will not go down or up. I can not use the key to lock the door and it will not lock or raise the lock knob. Thank you for the response.

Fisi, November 20, 2020

I understand. If it would be mine, I will remove the door panel , visually inspect and I would check cables in the door.