I have a 96 e320 bought at auction wont crank just clicks like a starter bad light do not dim or go out when attempting to start ?



Try to manually turn over the crankshaft. https://www.youcanic.com/guide/manually-crank-mercedes-benz-engine Let us know if it turns over or not.

was able to turn motor approx. 1/4 turn by hand was told that possibly the neutral safety switch may be bad ?



Did you solve the problem. You should be able to turn the crankshaft more than that. I wonder if you have a broken chain or bent valves.

was trying to move by hand no tools used do not believe there us power to starter as lights do not even dim when atenpting to start and no sound from  starter when tryin either even when laying under car with hand on starter when someone attempts to start ay ideas thanks



there is a single click from starter (ie frozen starter or at least sound that way ) 

Use a 27 socket and ratchet on the crankshaft bolt. It's not easy to turn those without a tool. You have a seized engine, bad battery or bad starter. 

you should use the approach which you have been told and will let us know about yous issue.

motor turns over using the socket  , having starter tested later today (appears it is the likely problem )  battery is good .


???? I took starter to shop and it tested fine several times so reinstalled it and same thing just clicks very frusterating ????


large wire on starter is solenoid engagement wire ? it goes to terminal in floor what I was understanding is trans reset  button ?

Large wire is to starter and usually always has 12 volt. The small wire to the solenoid is what engages when you try to start the car. You can feed 12 volt to the solenoid and see if it starts. Also make sure you have 12 volt to the starter motor. 

Hopefully that makes sense. In other words you can manually get the starter going. Just be careful. In case it starts. 

So I see some things about turning the crank by hand. First of all if your spark plugs are still installed, it's going to be pretty hard without a breaker bar because you're going to be fighting the full compression of the engine. The first thing you should do is check the battery and make sure you're reading 11.5-12.5 volts. Keep your test leads hooked up while cranking the motor. If your battery drops below 11 volts while putting load on it, you're toast. Get a new battery. If the battery checks good, take the connector off the starter and read for voltage there. You should be reading battery voltage at the power side while turning the key. If you had a mechanical issue (timing), the engine would still crank, it would just sound terrible. You can also read power going into the starter relay (if applicable). 

Hi Somdautoworks, Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.  I will definitely work for us

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