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All of sudden she started blowing out oil? I've redone all the breather hoses and seals have no clue I've not found anything wrong? In a 25 mile drive it will blow out several quarts May be just my luck it seems to be in limp mode? May be unrelated but now it spins over fast like a crank position sensor please help this is are only car Have a Blessed day Dave


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Boki  1 week 6 days ago


First of all, what engine is it? 

Is your Check Engine Light on? 

Which breather hoses have you replaced? 

Does it run on all cylinders? 


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Teddy1959  1 week 6 days ago

Hi Boki the engine is the 98 Mercedes M112 2.8 v6 It runs like a sewing machine even though the oil issue. As for the breather hoses I replaced all of them.. Coming home last night it was like crazy, then the check engine light came on. It now spins over fast like a crank trigger but I'm not sure? On a limited income I cast afford taking a wrong turn.  lol

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Boki  1 week 5 days ago

Where does it blow the engine oil out? 

Here is a simple way to verify if your breather system is OK - blow hard trough a oil filler hole on your engine for several seconds. There should not be noticable pressure build up/resistance. In addition, you can take the breather hose off the intake manifold, to see if there is a flow while you blow. 

Next, with engine running, take out the oil dip stick. There shouldn't be much smoke coming out. 

can you explain a bit more about 'spins over fast like a crank trigger'? 

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