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We have a 99 Clk Coupe Mercedes that has been a wonderful car....until recently when its been hot out while running the ac the car would overheat a bit and then shut off and not start again until a few hours.... however  since that we've had the radiator flushed, new thermostat , new crank shaft position sensor  and a new transmission all new.... it runs great but last pm again ...getting off of the freeway on a ramp with no place to pull off the ramp safely it decides to just shut off.   Luckily nobody was injured but right after we get it pulled off the freeway ramp it starts up and run it home???? WHAT IS IT CAUSING IT TO DO THIS?  



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YOUCANIC Team  4 months 3 weeks ago

The temperature gauge is in normal range, no overheating?? 

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YOUCANIC Team  4 months 3 weeks ago

Sorry. I see you said a bit of overheating but that could be the reason why your car shuts off. Get that addressed first and then see if it still shuts off.

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NICKYEMERY  4 months 3 weeks ago

we did get the thermostat changed and it has not been overheating well at least the gauge isn't telling us anything but normal temp and yet in all of this I've only recently heard the fan turn on I can't remember the last time I even heard the fan ….and another thing I recently noticed was the the console by the arm rest and gear shift was very warm to the touch so I much that I noticed it from it heating my arm up...but still not reading as hot or even near the red mark on the temp gauge.... could it be the catalytic converter heating up and then shutting it off?



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