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Three weeks ago had 2 pulley assemblies replaced and belt one week later needed adjustment. 4 days ago the pulley assembly on A/C goes bad. Should this Pulley also been checked or replaced at the time the others were serviced?Dealership wants another 2K. This is not my area of expertise.


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MercedesMedic  11 months 1 week ago

I can't blame the dealer. It is possible the pulley failed latter. The ac pulley is different and you can never predict when it will fail. 

The cost to replace the ac pulley is high because they have to take out the ac compressor and remove freon from the system. In other words it is labor intesive. 

I know you feel the dealer should have known, but I can't really blame them on this one. Try finding a shop that will do it for a lot less than the dealer. 

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