I just bought an A/C Manifold Gauge Set to get an accurate reading of my Air Conditioning System because it is blowing warm air. I was hoping that all I would need to do is recharge the system but I suspect a more difficult repair is at hand.

STATIC READINGS (Engine Warm. Engine Off) External Temp 75F: 

Low Side : 30 psi

High Side: 25 psi 


DYNAMIC READINGS (Engine Running 2000 rpm) External Temp 75F: 

Low Side: 32 psi

High Side: 35 psi


There is a loud rattling noise coming from the engine compartment but I have not determined that it is the A/C Compressor but am pretty sure that its the noise maker since it started making noise about the same time the cooling in the cabin stopped working. 


I do not have an OBD II reader that can get the A/C codes from the system if anyone bothers to ask. 


Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.




Fisi, July 10, 2020

Dis you see any leaking of gas anywhere? About noises  try to locate if you can  what it is causing.

If you hear weird noise from the compressor, your compressor must be faulty,

 You have to replace it together with some components such as the condenser, receiver dryer, expansion valve, and pressure line