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Got a V Class Merc, 66 plate When i first got my Merc my Ad blu would last me approx 10,000, and did so for 18 months, April this year i had a recall on the vichile, when i got it back the ad blu got to half a tank, i got a warning messages to refill the ad blue, when previously the tank got down to under a quarter of a tank, before i got a warning. also I had only done 4,000. I called Merc and they said it was down to the new laws and new soft wear they had done whilst my vechile was in. I've just had it serviced two weeks ago, I've done, 2,000 miles and the ad blu is tank is done to half again and i'm getting a warning messag, phoned Merc they said bring it in to be checked. Has any other Merc driver having this issue. 10,000 now 4,000 a tank of ad blu. Merc said they where new to the ad blu requirements and not sure of what will happen.


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MBFanatic  5 months 1 week ago

What the dealer did is update the software and the settings for when you get warned for low adblue level. Anyone with star diagnostic scanner can calibrate the gauge to be honest. I don't know of any laws that say that you need to be warned of adblue level at 50% percent capacity. You should ask the dealer to show you the law. If not, ask them to calibrate it to where show a warning at a 1/4 tank as it was before.

Now the reduced range is a different problem. The range decrease may be for two reasons:

1. Normal wear of the system. Less likely.

2. Or  more likely the software update is causing the car to use more adblue.

Mercedes may have done some tricks to lower emissions like VW did. And to avoid a large scandal they may be doing software fixes. I think this is whats is going on here. On one hand they are trying to comply with the law. On the other side it is not fair to you the owner that now all of the sudden have to spend a lot more on adblue.

I would take the car back to the dealer and see what they can do. Do not let this problem go, as this may one of the first few examples of a larger problem going on with MB. Let us know what the dealer says.

How many miles on your VAN?


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Kathryn Jeff  5 months 1 week ago

Thanks for the reply, I have 87,000 on my V.Class. zi am a chauffeur, going to take it in later this week. I will let you know the out come. I know it's high mileage so thet probably haven't come across this problem before. They have said to me that the ad blu system is all new to them amd they don't know what to expect, 🤔

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MercedesMedic  5 months 1 week ago

Sorry to hear about your troubles. It may be high miles for the year, but that is not neccessarly high miles for a Mercedes-Benz.

The adblue system has been around for quite some time. I am not sure why the dealer is saying that is new. Maybe it is new to that particular dealership.

Going back to your point. They probabily have not seen that many newer V classes with "high miles". And the issue here is that the software updates that they are applying are have a significant impact on the adblue. I also think you should push the dealer on resolving this issue for the sake of other V class owners.

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MBFanatic  5 months ago

Did you take the car to the dealer? What did they say and how is the adblue usage now? We would appreciate an update. Plus reporting the issue and fix can help others in the future.

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Kathryn Jeff  5 months ago

Actually taking vechile into Merc's today, will keep you updated. Thanks

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Kathryn Jeff  5 months ago

Actually taking vechile into Merc's today, will keep you updated. Thanks

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MBFanatic  4 months 3 weeks ago

Any update? 

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Kathryn Jeff  4 months 3 weeks ago

vehicle going in for a few days at the being of October to have a technical check etc

Hopefully will know more, and hopefully problem will be solved, will advise

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BMWadict  4 months 3 weeks ago

I am having the similar problem with my Mercedes truck. What did the dealer  end up doing? 

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Kathryn Jeff  4 months 2 weeks ago

Hi All, Still having problems with Merc's today, they don't believe me that I use to do approximately 9 to10,000 miles to a 10 ltr bottle of Adblu. this was until they did something to my car in April after a recall.  The Technical Service guy said to me that the is average is 6,000 too 10 ltr of Adblu, yet, I have a courtesy car from them today, which is showing at 3/4 of a tank of Adblu and the mileage range is 6,700 miles, so I will be arguing that point tomorrow, he had a technical sheet, but wouldn't let me have a copy of even take a picture of it, just stated he can't let me have it as it had his details on it !! and it belonged to Merc's. I'm beginning to think they are covering up something, can anyone tell me if they have had a service with Merc's and have the same problem. They are now saying that the law states that when the Adblue tank gets to 2400 (1500 miles) kilometres remaining the warning light will appear. My vehicle now at half a tank need to be refilled.

Anyone got any information, please let me know.