After Checking and reseated all the fuse and relay and for ESP and Check Engine light create more issues.

Hello friends I really really need a help. I have a 2004 Mercedes C320 and first I went into a LimpMode and trying to get out of limp mode. I follow youtube by reset the transmission no resolve, I replaced ATF Fluid no resolved, I replaced 13 pin connector but still no resolved, and this cause me more issue I checked all the fuse and relay and removed and reseated than after I reseated all the relays and fuses and reconnected the Battery back than I cannot start my MB. I can turn the key all  the way with all the light on the dash is on but is Silent not clicking or turnover. Can anyone help me if you had running into this problem before. Thank you I waiting your solution.



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CarCarePros made a comment.
1 year 2 months ago

Try disconnecting the battery and connecting it after a couple of minutes. That may help you start the car.

As far as why it goes into limp mode you need a scanner that can read transmission codes on your MB. Also do you see the gear selected on insturment cluster PRND?


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