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I have a E200, 2012. The rear of the car was on the ground after about 1 hour with the engine off. After a week of this I brought it to the garage and they changed both air springs.

Now the rear of the car is on the ground after 24 hours and if its cold ( under 0 C ) the car wont rise. However, it will rise in the afternoon when it is warmer. 


Any ideas?


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MercedesMedic  11 months 1 week ago

If the car drops on the ground on one corner it is an issue with that particaular air sturt or air line. 

Your car droped to the ground on both sides. Which means that there is a leak in the  line or the valve and not a problem with the air struts. 

Those struts you removed were probabily good. The problem has not been fixed and my bet is that there is an air leak. That's what they need to focus on. 


Do you know if they have Star Diagnostic Scanner

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