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Submitted by JLew on November 15, 2019

My 2001 s500 sat for a couple months, when I went to start it I had to recharge my battery and my front end had dropped. It does start up and the battery is fine but the airmatic stop, car too low display stays on. I would usually hear the compressor come right on and the front end would lift up to driving specs. Now after starting it I don't hear that compressor running. My mechanic told me the front struts had been replaced not to long ago, I'm hoping it's the compressor. Had anyone had this issue and or any help you can send my way I would appreciate it.


OKay.. can you be more specific? What I get is that: 1. You left your car unused for a couple of months 2. You recharged the battery and the car worked fine 3. However, the airmatic stop and car too low display, still shows? 4. You also don't hear the compressor running? Am I correct?
That is exactly what happened. Car starts up fine now but that warning light remains on in red letters. Nothing coming from the airmatic compressor still?