Alloy spacers

Can anyone please help with the correct size wheel spacers for my 2009 merc CLK 220. It's chassis number is 209. I'm stuck between 2 sizes.

5x112 12x1.5b or
5x112 14x1.5b.
Also not sure whether to use 15 mm spacers or 20 mm ones



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YankeeBar made a comment.
1 year 6 months ago

Usually spacers this thin will be equipped with clearance holes, not threaded holes. It shouldn't make a difference as far as the thread size (12x1.5 or 14x1.5), but I would probably choose 12, as that would be the tightest fit.

You might need to buy new, longer wheel bolts.

FYI: thicker spacers (35 mm and above) will usually require a new set of bolts to hold the spacer on the hub, and then the old wheel bolts will thread into holes in the spacer.

With regards to the thickness, you will have to check if the tire will rub using the 15 or 20 mm spacer. Are you upgrading to wider/taller tires at the same time? Are you changing to a wheel with a different offset (ET)?


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