AMG Spark Plugs

Hello YouCanic,

Could you please indicate the best spark plugs for a SLK32 AMG (2002)?

A high performance OIL? What do you think about MOTUL 8100 ex-CESS?

I just purchased it and it needs new ones.

I would like to make just one good replacement, with your help.


Thank you!



Reno, NV


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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months 2 weeks ago

I have owned multiple MB over the years including an Slk320. As far as oil goes the best bet is to stick with the Mobil1. 0w40. It keeps the engine clean inside and goes up to 10k interval. The only thing that is very important is that you use fleece filter. Cheap filers don't filter the oil for that long.

For the spark plugs I would stick with OEM. Call the dealer and ask them for the part number. You can use iridium or platinum plugs but don't expect anything from the performance point of view. Expect longer spark plug life. 


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