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My S350 has done 59,000 mile. From cold it drives like new, however recently after about 40 miles of driving the car starts to vibrate and a noise best described as a pump working very hard can be heard and then around town the engine appears to be running rough. I have had the wheel bearings, engine pulleys, turbo, exhaust, brakes, tyres, wheels examined but we cannot determine the cause. I always look after my car and is serviced on time. Has anyone else come across this problem and if so what is the solution to this mystery. Thanks  


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MercedesMedic  11 months 1 week ago

Does the check engine light come on? 

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Moh Rashid  11 months 1 week ago

No Engine lights come on that indicate a fault. Over the past couple of days the noise is there most of the time.