Audi A4 2.0T, i recently top up 1ltr Full synthetic oil 5w-40 engine oil. i have just reach 500km after top up.Now the top up warning came up again and asking for top up..Can any one suggest how to solve these issue. I heard normally when we top up, at least 2000km we can run with 1ltr


High oil consumption is very common on these cars. In average most 2.0T VW engines is about 1L per 1000km. Yours is a little higher than that, but still the issue is the same. 

This was a design flaw and you can't do much about it without overhauling the whole engine. 

If you use higher grade oil such as 10w50 it will slow down a little but I wouldn't recommend it. I would rather use 5W40 and top off when needed. 

Good luck and make sure you always top it off or you will ruin the engine. 

I agree here, some cars really have an issue with eating up too much oil for no reason at all.


I have personally seen this problem in mid-range 'sports cars' where the Engine design is flawed and at the end , not only does it become very expensive to maintain the car, the engine might not have a very long time.


If we want to start with the basics. Checking the quality of the oil, from wherever you are purchasing or check from the official website. They usually recommend certain brands.


I've heard stories of people, literally changing the whole engine but that is not recommended.

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