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Dear sir, 

my Q7 had a flat battery I jump start it & went to Audi Centre they fixed it by saying that battery terminal was loose & also I ask them to change AC air filter.after work they took Q7 for test drive & took a while & when they came bk & handover my car it has a engine check light ON & when I ask them they said ok we check & now it’s been 2wks they can not fix the light even when they hand over me car it has a slipping transmission too which was surprising for me. 

The codes showing on computer are as follows please guide me what sort of codes are these mechanical related or software related please help

F125,,G182,G195,N88 valve1

pleqse Guide ne my car is still in Audi Centre 

very kind regards



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EuroTech  7 months ago

The codes that you are getting are related to the valve body in the transmission and sensors mounted on it. For example G182 means there is an issue with the transmission input speed sensor. It is mounted on top of the valve body.

Because there are several transmission related codes, the issue could be the valve body but it may also be wire harness. There is a 16 pin plug that connects to the valve body. It may have leaked oil. Or there is a short somewhere. 

The other possibility is that the transmisson control module or TCM. If it got any water damage it will act up.

Since the car is at the dealer, they should be able to narrow down the problem. I do not think the problem that you are experincing now has anything to do with the air filter replacement.

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