Auxiliary battery malfunction

I have a 2010 e63 amg.. About 1 month ago my car started having starting problems it wouldn't start so I jump started it. It starts for a day or a couple of hours then when I try to start it again it needs another jump start. This also cause the aux audio option to completely disappear from my audio options list and after 1 month i just got a message that my auxiliary batter malfunction. I took it to Mercedes service dept two weeks ago but they said the battery was fine and I brought it back home and then it wouldn't start again..... any suggestions.


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1 year 8 months ago

It sounds like you have a parasitic battery drain. One of the systems on your Mercedes is not going to sleep. It could be the audio system which it has been known to cause such drains or something else such as power seats. What you need to do is park your Mercedes and open the trunk and keep the door open so that you can access the fuse boxes. Let the car with trunk and door open for 30 min to allow all systems to go to sleep. Then take a multimeterand start pulling the fuses one by one. Use a multimeter to check for current draw. If you see high readings you have found the system that is draining your battery. Remove that fuse so that you can use your car and get that system repaired. Here is a guide to help you with this process:


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