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My 2006 Mazda5 carols but won’t start and I have this device that read codes and I plugged-in and it says Crankshaft Position Sensor....I’m assuming I guess that Sensor is bad? Is that right? Please hel. And I just replaced the serpentine belt and AC belt too....thank you guys.


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MBFanatic  4 months 3 weeks ago

Crankshaft position sensor will cause the engine to crank but not start as you describe. 

If you try cranking the engine a few times it may start. 

If the code points to a bad crankshaft position sensor replacing that should take care of the no start issue. 


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ranger1991  4 months 2 weeks ago

Hi there and thank you for this helpful make sense comment I appreciate it. I’m a single mother and I’m trying to understand these car issues and DIY to same few $$$. It’s my 2006 Mazda5 5-speed and I love this car never had any issues before TIL now. I picked up a part from AutoZone and the clerk there said it’s the same because the one that he gave me it says Camshaft Position Sensor and not Crankshaft Position Sensor but clerk insisted it’s the same so I guess he knows better than me, came home install it and won’t start still so decided to take it back and told them that I needed a Crankshaft Position Sensor so I have one now but we’ll put it tomorrow- so we’ll see later this morning and yes the old sensor is bad. Hoping it’ll start later. 


Thanks a lot for your comment and time to reply to my post. 



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MBFanatic  4 months 2 weeks ago

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Camshaft position sensor and campshaft sensor are two different things. Camshaft is mounted up near the head and measures the position of the camshaft. 

Crankshaft is measured down by the....well the crankshaft. 

Crankshaft can defentively prevent the car from starting. While camshaft may act up when the car is warmed up. 

Please take a few picutres while you replace the sensor. 

This guide may help you somewhat.

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