Battery charging system light on

Question by brandonmcgowan posted 6 months 1 week ago in Chevrolet

Well first I made a stupid mistake of changing my battery out and the one I put in was not up to par when I tried to put back it was on the wrong side and started to smoke I was able to start and drive the car like 30 miles I left it running because I saw that my power locks and trunk wouldn't work an also the radio but as I left in the house to get my tools and the car died I was gonna go take it so I could have the problem found now I think it's the alternator I did see smoke come from there and just want to know if anyone knows about this prob and could help diagnose I am only have one shot at fixing it as in the only one in my family with a car I'm trying to get it up and running so any help would b greatly aooreciated the problem shut the car off so I believe it's the alternator but don't know if that's the only problem