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I have 2011 w 204 (C class mercedes 200 CGI Petrol).  Last week Check engine light came on. It is not flashing , but continues on even when I drive.  Went to MB dealer (I live in Delhi, India).  They run their diagnostic and it throws

ERROR 0606 : Component Y3/8n4- Fully integrated Transmission control unit is Faulty

Error : 0705 : Selection range sensor A has electrical fault

The service guy at the dealer says that both Valve body and Conductor plate needs to be changed . My control unit variant is VGS3_0403. I have read that in VGS 3 , conductor plate and valve body are separate.

Hence I do not understand why valve body also needs to be changed and why not problem can be solved by changing only the conductor plate?  is the service guy taking me for a ride ?


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MBFanatic  2 months 3 weeks ago

Based on the codes above it seems that the conductor plate is the problem. I think the reason they want to replace both is to be safe. Also considering that the valve body will need to be removed anyway.

How much were you quoted for this job? Approximately in us dollars? 

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rajul  2 months 2 weeks ago

Valve body replacement approx USD 4000/  including change in transmission oil and labor charges.    If only conductor plate is removed then cost will be USD 2000/-  Since the difference is very high, I want to be doubly sure if Valve body also needs replacement.   I am sure there must be very definitive indication in diagnostic tool , if valve body also needs replacement .  ?


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abusufyan  2 months 2 weeks ago

Repairs for this error code are pretty simple, which include

Repair or replacement of broken or frayed wires

Repair or replacement of broken or corroded connectors

Repair or replacement of faulty PCM ground circuits

PCM replacement or reprogramming

Error Code P0606 is very straightforward, and easy to diagnose, as it usually indicates a fault in the PCM, which means it should be fixed or reprogrammed. However, some symptoms may be very similar with mechanical problem symptoms, which as a result, people mistake on repairing ignition systems or fuel system components.

I think it can help you

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abusufyan  2 months 2 weeks ago

Hi dear, Have you figgured out the problem yet? If not, maybe you want to read the check engine codes and post them here

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Sthong1221984  2 months 2 weeks ago

That's why they recommend to replace also the valve body is to play safe and not repeat repairing your vehicle if in case trouble code show after replacing conductor plate. And base on the technical bulletin release on 2011 they both recommend replace of valve body and conductor plate at the same time.

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abusufyan  2 months 2 weeks ago

And of course it will help you get your resolved permanently and not to worry for long time. Thanks for posting your question here and giving us an opportunity to serve you.