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Hello All,


I am a first timer here, so thanks in advance for any replies.  I started noticing some engine shaking and found that it could be caused by misfiring.  I pulled the spark plugs and found one that had a bent electrode.  I regapped it and the shaking stopped.  What could be the cause of the bent electrode?  Should I be concerned about a larger issue?  


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BMWadict  3 months ago

That is not normal. They are interference engines, but for a pistorn to hit the spark plug, you will have first noticed some major problems. Such as engine noise and poor acceleration.

Do you have any of these?

What year is your R Class?

Also, I would recommended that you replace the damaged spark plug. Another possiblity is that the spark plug electrode was bent when the spark plug was replaced a long time ago. If you have two plugs for cylinder, you would not have known because there would not have been any symptoms.

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