Bleeding sbc system

I have the autel maxidas md 802 all systems scanner. It is capable of bleeding the sbc brake system just like the star diagnostics system does.
My question is does anybody know the actual procedure to bleed my brakes using the scanner to activate the sbc?

It says to attach a EHB adapter to bleeder valve tightly so it won t pop off and indicates it'll do all 4 calipers in the specific order the system chooses but I haven't been able to find out what one is or looks like and don't knw if I have to have that adapter on all 4 at the same time or if it's one at a time. The scanner dosent specify how the exact procedure will work but the scanner is capable of doing the job. I'm just trying to figure out the actual process. I didn't want to select yes to start the process if I wasn't completely aware of what I'm needing to do once it starts