BMW E46 323i 2000 - Limp Home and Air Con


Hoping you can provide some help.

I read one of your posts about BMW Transmission and just left a comment, asking the same, then saw you had a section where I can ask a question.

 I’ve had an issue with limp home for 2000 E46 323i.

What occurs is that if the Air Con is on and I come to a stop (eg at a traffic light or stop sign, etc) the gear symbol comes up in the dash and transmission goes into limp home mode.

If I have the Air Con off there is no problem, or, if I turn the Air Con off before stopping again no issue.

The issue seemed to have commenced after a mechanic replaced the radiator fill bottle and hoses due to a crack in the bottle, I’m not sure he replaced the transmission thermostat at the base of the bottle or not. I had initially thought this may be the problem as it is difficult to replace the bottle without cracking that thermostat, I understand if that thermostat is damaged you get the limp home happening as well. However, as above I find limp home only occurs if Air Con on at time of stopping car.

Any thought would be appreciated.