Hi,  My Daughters E90 320i had some stalling issues.  It turns out the DME/DDE was water damaged, which apparently is common.  I replaced the DME/DDE with a used unit + Cas unit + Key.  The car runs and drives no problem, however, I got a fault code relating to the brake pad wear CCID-71(I think),  I thought it would either be the sensors or a reset of the brake pad distance counter in cars service menu.  Checked the sensors and there was a damaged unit, so i replaced both front and back wear sensors.  the pads have about 80% pad left.  tried to reset,  no luck then i noticed that the countdown distance indicator for the brake pads had reached zero, but i have tried everything and cannot reset it.  I have tried INPA to reset the fault code but because the timer is at zero with what it seems to be no ability to reset it, the fault wont clear,  any suggestions?  I can turn the function off in NCS expert but its not really a solution.