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I have 2007 328 XI BMW and now in the middle of the console I'm seeing window sign. What can I do to fix this?


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MBFanatic  3 months 4 weeks ago


Do all your windows go up and down without any problem or noise? 

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BMWadict  3 months 4 weeks ago

I had the window symbol on my dashbaord show up once. After that it has not come up again but I can tell that my driver's window is on its way out. 

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Eddie  3 months 4 weeks ago

All the windows go down and up as one touch except the rear right passenger side, it goes two or three inches at a time and same as going up. This happened after I change the window regulator. Window sign came up in the console. I checked on youtube it looks like that it can be corrected but needs the computer to correct it. But where can I get the computer this way I can fix it myself?


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