I am having trouble opening boot/trunk lid off my master fob. It is an older one without the red Panic button. Also doesn't seem to open to replace batteries, if there are any. Only three buttons on the fob lock, unlock, bootlid open. Red light works. Anybody got any ideas?



The button inside the keyfob may have come loose. There is a small contact for each button that can break. 

I would also replace the battery and see if that makes a difference. That remove does open and has batteries inside. 

Hope this helps. 

Just saw your comment about the not being able to open the boot lid from console. 

Try this. 

  1. Open the trunk and see if you have a green button on the back. 
  2. If you do, use a screwdriver to close the trunk latch without shutting down the trunk. 
  3. Press the gree button on the inside of the trunk and see if the trunk latch opens. 

If trunk latch opens, the problem is wiries or button on center console. 

If trunk latch does not open, you most likely have a bad trunk latch.