Brake EBD, ABS and ESC Intoperative message

Brake, EBD, ABS and ESC Inoperative message came on in my 2011c 4matic because I turned off ESC for a moment. Cannot get ESC to re-engage. Cruise control disabled as a result. Hoping to learn how to turn on ESC again. Dashboard, sterling wheel control will not turn it back on.



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MercedesMedic made a comment.
6 days 16 hours ago

Disconnect the battery for 5 min. 

Reconnect and start the car. Turn the steering wheel full left and right a couple of times. 

Let us know if that doesn't work. 

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Pen teller made a comment.
6 days 15 hours ago

In my experience a simple reset should do the trick. The battery reset is a good way to start and if that doesn't work I will suggest a computer reset of the car. That should be able to solve these small problems.

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josephmcshane01 made a comment.
6 days 12 hours ago

Thank you! I will try and let you know.





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