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My brakes fail and restores again. I notice that when this happens the ABS unit is very hot. When the ABS unit is cool the brake works again.The ABS yellow light has been on for a very long time now but the brake fails just started. never worked on the master/servo systems before. Car is above 230k kilometers. What can I do?? Thanks.



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MercedesMedic  2 weeks 1 day ago

Most likely your abs module is going bad. I would start by reading the fault codes from the dsc module. You need a good BMW scanner for this. Or will have to take the car to the dealer.

If you read the trouble codes yourself let us know what they are. 

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Boki  2 weeks 1 day ago


As MercedesMedic says, most probably your ABS module is failing. They are a known failiure point on many BMW models. 

Do you have only ABS, or DSC or Traction Control as well? 

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Rushit Hila  1 week 3 days ago

Did you get your abs module fixed?