C-Class Broken Door Handle with Child Lock

I'd appreciate ANY help I can get on this. 

My rear passenger door handle (exterior) has broken. I think this may be in part due to my toddlers fascination with pulling it repeatedly back and forth while the vehicle is locked. Currently when you engage the handle it simply flaps back and forth doing nothing. Although it's pain, it's unfortunately not only issue I'm faced with because the child lock is engaged on that door so I can't open it from the inside either.

Thus far I have using the other passenger door located where the childlock switch is to see if it's possible to flick it off while the door is closed. Unfortunately I've not had any luck doing this - having spent a good hour or two fashioning various tools to attempt it. Any success stories on this with the C-Class? I'm not sure about removing the interior door panel - mainly due to the fact that there are around 8 clips that run across the diameter of the panel, some of which seem (from studying video/pictures) to be difficult to access when the door is shut. 

I'd appreciate any advice on the approach as ultimately I want to avoid going to a garage and paying several hundred pounds for a fix I could do myself. For example - given the exterior handle is broken - can I call a locksmith or use a hanger or something to open the car from the outside and then switch the child lock off?  

Thanks in advance.


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MercedesMedic made a comment.
11 months 3 weeks ago

If you can take off the door panel you can control the child safety latch and manually open the door. I would go over a few possible solutions. Go for whatever you feel most comfortable with. ;)

First I would try use a hook form the outside to unlatch the door. Depending on where the door handle broke, you may or may not have enough room to put a wire in there. Unless you are willing to cut off the door handle.

Another option is to remove the door panel which you mentioned. The door panel does not have screwes aroudn the perimeter but plastic retainers. Which means you should be able to pop out the door panel once you remove the screwes in the middle of the pannel. But you will have to remove the metal cover on the door though and that will be challenging.

The third option is to remove the door hinges and move the door away from the car. Since the door is being held only by the latch you should have enough room to flick the child lock.

Good luck and let us know which route you take.



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