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Hello there.I own a MB C200 2006.I already discussed about this issue and you gave me your idea however the problem is getting car used to shift 2-3 on C mode jercky but smoothly on S mode and that was its only problem.I changed gear box oil and filter the other day unfortunately the gearbox not only became better but got after start it doesn’t shift up or down and sticks in one gear and after a 30-min driving it gets better and normal and shift smoothly.Could you give me a solution this .Thanks


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EuroTech  1 year ago

My guess is that one of the valve body solenoids is sticking.

If there are no codes in the TCU, I would replace the valve body. I think your car has the 722.6 transmission. You can install a valve body from another car, no need for programing.

Also, I assume you already checked the 13 pin connector, right?

Let us know once you resolve the problem.