C220 CDi 7g Tronic plus Viberation/shudder

Hi I have a 13 plate w204 c220 cdi with the 7g tronic plus gearbox,
the problem im having is if im driving along in eco mode at 50-60 mph and decide to pick up the speed I get a viberation / shudder almost feels like a manual car in the wrong gear, this will stay present for a moment till it gets up past 65mph

If I drive in S mode theres no shudder viberation at all!!

If I drive in manual mode at 50 -60mph in 5th gear and select 6th gear the vibration comes back into the car until it reaches a higher speed,

I've had 2 people look at the car and both diagnose as something different which leaves me confused,

Any ideas?


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CarCarePros made a comment.
1 year ago

When you are in Eco mode transmission will stay on the highest possible gear. Which means less torque but better fuel economy. The first thing that I would suggest is do an engine tune up if you are overdue. If your engine is not performing well, it may struggle when you are in the higher gear. Especially if you haven't had it seviced for a while. Also if your check engine light is on, it is very important that you read those codes. They may point you in the right direction. Lastly I would inpect the driveline as well.

This problem is going to be hard to diagnose espeically without having the car and taking it for a test drive. I would like to know what your mechanic finds out.


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