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The codes said the MAF and the cam sensors needed to be replaced. I replaced the MAF sensor, changed the oil & filter, the air filter under the hood and the check engine light turned off. I drove for a day now the light is back on. So I can assume the cam sensors need to be replaced still. I looked all over online and bought a chiltons manual (never again) and I can't find where the sensors are located no youtube , no images on google and of course the manual is useless in this situation. So where are they located, and will I have to remove a lot to get to them? Thanks


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MBFanatic  4 months 3 weeks ago

The camashft sensor on the Kia Sorento is located on the front of the engine, on the driver side. 

It looks like this: kia cam sensor

Here is the location: kia cam sensor location

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