Can Transmission Connector Adapter Plug O-rings Mercedes Benz 722 cause large leaks

Question by sewata posted 6 months 2 weeks ago in Mercedes-Benz


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Great videos and i'm hoping this is my issue.

I have a 2000 clk430. Started noticing a puddle of transmission fluid while vehicle was parked for long durations. Drove it around and placed cardboard under the vehicle in the garage.<br />
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Put it up on a small ramp and oil seems to be dripping from the front of the pan and collecting on the pan then dripping to the ground. The pan is soaked with fluid on the outside.<br />
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The pan gasket seems to be ok after cleaning the area. Would this connector leak cause this much fluid leak to the ground? Transmission shifts good but i haven't run the vehicle after noticing the small puddle. It's been parked for a few weeks now and the puddle continues to grow.<br />
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