Car goes into limp mode every so often

I have a 93 740l. It runs great on the freeway. It's problem is when l get on the off ramp. Sometimes it goes into limp mode. While in this mode l put it on a diagnostic code reader at a friend's shop. The codes were 105, 155. Since it's intermittent could it be loose wiring loose plug etc. I understand that  code 105 is a speed sensor. But l havery no clue about 155. 



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EuroTech made a comment.
6 days ago

These codes are usually due to the mechanics. It could either be defective or as you mentioned a connection issue.

Check the plug that connects to the transmission for oil leaks.

check the transmission fluid level as well.

Report back if problem persists.

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Pen teller made a comment.
3 days 20 hours ago

A fault code PO155 means '' 02 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2, Sensor 1) ''


This simply means that the heating element of the oxygen sensor takes a long time to heat, longer than normal.


The causes can include:


1. A faulty power module (PCM)

2. Engine Coolant sensor not working properly

3. A broken wire or a bad circuit

4. The oxygen sensor not working


You can take a look at these issues.


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