Car not starting

Question by mohammadsaud posted 10 months ago in Camry

I have a 1998 Toyota Camry. It's got 176,000 miles. Last week in the morning the car started fine. Drove it 10 miles to work. When I got off I went to start the car and it didn't start unless I sprayed starting fluid. It would start for 2-3 sec and turn off. I contacted 3-4 mechanics and auto part stores like autozone and all of them told me my fuel pump is had. So I ended up getting the car towed and today I brought a new bosh fuel pump and strainer. I connected the new fuel pump to the electric cable to see if it works. Not surprising the new fuelpump worked. So I ended up hooking the original fuel pump to the eclectic relay and to my surprise the original fuel pump worked the same way as the new one. So I ended up putting the old fuel pump back inthe tank. Drove the car 16 miles and it drove fine. I come home wash it and start it. the fuel pump died again. Idk what the issue is? The fuel pump worked fine and now I don't hear anything. Could I need a whole new fuel pump module? If it was the fuel pulp fuse, then the fuel pump wouldn't get power at all. Not even the new one.