Car not starting after 5 minutes of being turned off to get gas

Well a few codes have come up when scanned.ABS Traction control I noticed a wire hanging from the right front tire area and mentioned to my husband I thought it could be the ABS connection. I went to get air in the tire and the clip had been severd off from dragging or rubbing against the tire is my new tires within a few days.I turned off the car to get gas for few minutes.not more than 10.went to start and nothing nd no lights no chime no electrical at I walked home to get my husbands jeep to jump and hooked it all up all bells and whistles came on. I thought it would such luck.even after having it hooked up for a while.still nothing.husband went got a new battery.nope that wasn't the problem thought maybe alternator. Or ignition switch could be the issue.but now thinking about that ABS hanging down could that have caused vehicle failure? Can it cause complete electrical failure?my next guess would be relays???

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