Sometimes I get I my c 220 cdi it won't turn over to start if I put jump leads on it it fire up or if I leave it for a while it sometimes start I have just put a new batterie on the car and still doing it 




How are you? Are you still having the same problem with your car? How old is your battery? You might want to check if your alternator is still on good charging condition. When did this problem occurred?

I would check the car battery first. Test it first.

If the problem is still there with a new battery you may have a bad EIS or faulty module. At that point you need to read the fault codes. 

Your alternator might be bad.  If the car still isn't charging, you probably have a bad alternator, at least that's the simplest solution I can think of.  I would still go through any codes that it is bringing up and see what they tell you, but I'm guessing its a bad alternator right now.

What is your driving route? 

Do you drive every day in short distance or long drive?

Short distance drive my cause the battery get bad because it will not get properly charged.

If you are driving long-distance and your battery does not charge you have a bad alternator.