Carplay working but Android Auto not on my newly 'activated' 2016 Mercedes A Class

Question by rdgroves posted 1 year ago in 2013-____ (W176)

Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Mercedes A200 Sport which didn't come with Android Auto/Carplay. I bought an 'activator' which I didn't realise until after testing it said it only did Apple Carplay. I put this into the OBD port and it gave me apple carplay and android auto which weren't previously displayed. The carplay worked fine which I tested out but the android auto didn't work at all despite testing with multiple android phones and testing multiple cables from third party to samsung official with the phone (all tested on new phones, Samsung S9, S10 etc). I expected this as the product said it didn't work with android auto, so I took it to a person locally who said they did mercedes a class android auto installations. They put an activator into the port that supposedly did work with android auto however after installing this onto the system it still did not work (despite testing multiple phones/cables). Essentially it shows up on the interface like you can click it but nothing happens when I plug my phone in apart from the phone charging. The person installing it said he'd had problems like this on earlier 2016 model mercedes and so was unable to install it, although mine is from May 2016. Is there any workaround for this at all does anybody know, or anyway I can fix this? From reading around online multiple things say you should be able to install on a 2016 model mercedes a class so I'm a bit confused!