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Hello, my 2008 CL65 has misfire codes-CEL light on, and the garage changed the right side ignition coil, ignition transformer and spark plugs. They advised all was fine now. Drove the car out and after driving a total of 60 kilometers the CEL light is back on. This happened when I pushed/accelerated the car from 80kmph onwards to 120kmph. Also had random vibrations thereafter. The car sounds a bit different  too on idle! What could this be?

thank you.


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MBFanatic  2 months 4 weeks ago

The problem could be a number of things and possibly a transmission low fluid. But in order to diagnose further, you need to read the check engine codes. Your CEL should be ON agian, and may even have additional codes. Grab a scanner and read the codes yourself. A cheap OBD2 scanner sells for around $20, it won't tell you as much a professional scanner, but it is a good starting point.

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