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Submitted by Terrance James on March 2, 2021

2007 Mercedes E350 equipped with the sport package tires.

Mercedes-Benz equips the 2007 E350 Sedan SPORT PACKAGE with a 245/40R18 front tire and a 265/35R18 rear tire.

My tires need replacement. Can I replace rims and tires to the size used on the "non sport Package car"?

Mercedes-Benz equips the 2007 E350 Sedan with a 245/45R17 tire.

I dont know if this would be staight forward or if it would need more work i.e. struts etc.




You can swap on the other tires, but keep in mind that might throw the speedometer off, and you'll need to make sure the tire sensors get swapped over as well. If you're just going from a 17 inch to an 18 inch wheel, you shouldn't have too many issues with clearance.