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  1. I had a mechanic using OBD on my car for check engine light and ESC light on not engaging code came back as brake switches A&B not working okay I replace them and the ESC is now engaged the light is off 3020 B of A p050 for brake switch and be correlation.
  2. I'm also showing a code P0455 and a P0455 pending and it says his evaporative emission system leak detected large leak how do I reset this?


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BMWadict  3 months ago

For P0455  check the gas cap. Make sure it is tight. Also check the seal for the gas cap. If damaged, replace the gas cap. Then you can reset the light if it comes back you will need to do a smoke test to find the leak on your fuel system. Other posibilites include:

  • Faulty or stuck vent control valve

  • Faulty or stuck purge valve

  • Cracked or disconnected EVAP hose

  • Cracked or damaged charcoal canister

Can you elaborate on the ESC light? What was the exact code?


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