Choosing the Best OBD2 scanner for BMW

First problem - your 'Vehicle' selector doesn't let me choose an older model, so I had to choose a wrong model.

Here is the real problem - your OBD2 scanner reviews don't cater for older models. I have a '94 E36 318ti Compact Manual. Is there a scanner that would suit my car please? I am currently converting it into a road legal club car.

I have just put a LSD and Quick Steering Rack into it. Yesterday I took the s/wheel off to straighten it and the airbag light didn't stay on - good. Then today I took it to a garage to get the wheel alignment done. They took the s/wheel off and now the airbag light won't reset. I have undone the battery and left it for 30 mins, but still no good. I thought a scanner might help me, if nothing else, in future when the service lights need resetting or any other error codes occur eg, the radio needs a code to get it going again, I don't have the code, BMW say the radio has to come out to get the s/n off the back of it, perhaps a scanner would help me here too? FYI, I live in NZ. Thanks, Phil