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First problem - your 'Vehicle' selector doesn't let me choose an older model, so I had to choose a wrong model.

Here is the real problem - your OBD2 scanner reviews don't cater for older models. I have a '94 E36 318ti Compact Manual. Is there a scanner that would suit my car please? I am currently converting it into a road legal club car.

I have just put a LSD and Quick Steering Rack into it. Yesterday I took the s/wheel off to straighten it and the airbag light didn't stay on - good. Then today I took it to a garage to get the wheel alignment done. They took the s/wheel off and now the airbag light won't reset. I have undone the battery and left it for 30 mins, but still no good. I thought a scanner might help me, if nothing else, in future when the service lights need resetting or any other error codes occur eg, the radio needs a code to get it going again, I don't have the code, BMW say the radio has to come out to get the s/n off the back of it, perhaps a scanner would help me here too? FYI, I live in NZ. Thanks, Phil



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BMWadict  2 months ago

To get the radio code you will need the serial from the radio. A scanner won't be much help.

I know that for older BMWs you need a scanner that has the 20 pin connector. It can't be any scanner though. It needs to be able to access the airbag module on BMWs and cover your vehicle year.

Let us know how it goes.

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