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For the past couple of months on my dashboard where the digital miles driven and the odometer are located there's been three digit number appearing behind a tool symbol that started at about 800 that every week or so it changes to a lower number by a hundred and then a week or two later another hundred to where its now at -800. I've been trying to get to auto parts store for a code read. In the meantime does anybody know why this is happening and do I prepare for the worse? I can't afford a whole lot. I just recently came out of being homeless after two years. I'm still unemployed but managing financially for basic necessities selling things I pick up for free on local market places so I can't afford to much but even worse if I should end up loosing my source in freedom personal, financially, etc. It's all I have my 23 yr old son gave it to me three weeks after I moved to a housing program. 1999 Mercedes c230. Please if someone can let me know what's going on i'd appreciate it. Please if its serious brake it to me gently. Thank you very much.


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MBFanatic  3 months ago

That's usually a ticking time bomb. Since it went into the negative, you may be fine becasue it didn't go off at zero.

Ok, that was a joke. To answer your question, that is usually a reminder for you to do maintenance on the car. It should have a symbol or letter next to the number as well. I would make sure you do the oil changes regulary which is the most critical maintenace. Do synthetic oil changes every 6 months and you should be good. The shop that does your oil change, can check other fluids and give you a long list of items that they think you should do. Post back in here what they find, recommond that you do.

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mercedesddarrington  3 months ago

Lol. Thank you very much. I was planning on doing it by the end of next month. I will check back in once I find out what is said.

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MBFanatic  3 months ago

Btw, if your check engine light is on, stop by at any auto parts stores and they can read the code for you free of charge. Then you can host here and get more help.

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