Dose anyone have a recommendation for coil overs, for my 98, bmw, 740i e38, BC or ST,? Do I need a camber kit, upper

shock tower support under my hood? 


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kincsem made a comment.
1 week ago

It's good you asked since not all coilovers are made alike.


You do have a 20 year model but I'm sure latest makes should be good enough for you.


Some of the best brands for a coilover include,


1. H&R Street Performance E36 Coilovers. It is a top-brand and the coilovers are a monotube construction.

2. Megan Racing Euro Street Coilovers. This is also a popular choice in Japan. They also have a monotube construction with 32 adjust levels.

3. KW Variant 3 E36 Coilovers is a twin-turbo, which is quite expensive but one of the best quality coilovers in the market today.


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