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2006 Mercedes e350 base sedan with 7 speed tranny.  Need new flex disc.  I have called dealership and was given part number 0004110100 for front and 2114100415 for rear.  Parts man stated that since the part numbers change and their mechanics will get special bullitins on how to make new parts work for my car.  How can i get that information?  and can someone give me how to and additional info on making them work on my car.  Also do i need to change out anything else while down there?  My vin is wdbuf56j26a883114. Flex disc appear dry rotted and I have a vibration when driving 60-70 and have a thunk sound when turning left and also a hard thunk when going down steep hill. Thank You, Deb


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Deb  3 weeks 1 day ago

Ok my son in law (a mechanic) replaced both flex disc with mercedes disc and the center support bearing also mercedes but now it has a vibration that it didn't have before. I don't know how but the balance is off either from not getting everything placed as before or the new center support bearing. Does Mercedes have any marking on the drive shaft in order to line up for balance? What is my next step

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MercedesMedic  2 weeks 2 days ago

There is no marking on the shaft to tell you how to align it becasue it doesn't really matter. As long as it is ballanced. I would check the center support bearing to make sure that is alighned properly.

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MBDoc  2 weeks 1 day ago

Based on your VIN, those part numbers look like they do not fit your vehicle. Here's an example of one of the part number showing that it's not compatible with your vehicle . You can try calling other dealers to verify the correct part numbers.