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ML 320. 2001 Mercedes.
I purchased my 1st sensor. The first one was slightly different so I couldn't plug it in. I put the old one in and got the car started. So today I received my new sensor (2nd one) and plugged it in. The car started so I shut it off. After tightening the screw, I tried starting it again. No dice. Won't even turn over. I thought if may be the battery so I tried jump starting. No dice. It just clicks. Could the next thing be the alternator?

PS. I found utube videos for the crankshaft sensor. So im trying to wind down possible solutions.

What else does anyone recommend?


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MBFanatic  1 year 4 months ago

Hey if it just clicks, I think it is the battery. Connect a 12 volt power source to the battery and let it charge for a while. If you are using another car to start yours, let the helper car running and allow it to charge your battery for at least 15 min. Honestly I think it is the battery. Even if the crankshaft sensor is not working the car should start. Unless, the new sensor is the wrong size and it has gone to far where it contacts the gear teeth. You can try pulling out the crankshaft sensor and see if the car turns over.

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pkt  1 year 4 months ago

Thanks will try jumping it.

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BMWadict  1 year 4 months ago

I agree. Sounds like a battery issue.