Daytime Running Lights

I have been searching for the right bulbs to replace the daytime running light bulbs on my 07 clk550.  Problem is I think I am calling them the wrong thing and I don’t want to order the wrong thing.  I do want to use LED though.  I also am looking to replace the HID headlights.  There is nothing wrong with them, I bought the car from a guy back in November so I just want peace of mind that the bulbs are new.  ARe the headlights plug and play or is it more complicated than that?  Request assistance  Thanks in advance 


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EuroTech made a comment.
1 year 2 months ago

I am assuming you have halogen bulbs. Yes they are simply plug and play.

The only adavice that I have for you is that if you upgrade your low beam bulbs, make sure to get Error Free bulbs. Otherwise you will get warning on your instrument cluster that the particular bulb is burned out.


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