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I need to track down a phantom draw and need to keep the dome lights off as I pull fuses.



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Rushit Hila  4 months 2 weeks ago

There are two thing you may have to do.

First, look on the door frame for a push button. If your car has it, put some strong tape on top of it to keep it pushed all the time. door doome light switch

Second, use  a small screwdriver and push the door latch as if the door is closed. Once you do these two things you can keep the door open as long as you want.

door latch

Remeber to pull door handle before closing the door.

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Phil S  4 months 2 weeks ago

There's no push button on the frame.  That would have been too easy.


Pushing in the door latch should do it.  


Thanks, Rushit!!